Do you agree with Dave? - I agree with . . . campaign at the University of Arizona, Tucson

Jesus Christ was proclaimed on the University of Arizona campus because of this simple question. Here's what happened: 

(This is a brief journal written by Bob Krepps, Director of Campus Crusade for Christ at the University of Arizona, Tucson, in Nov. 1999 - Bob is now Director of the Spiritual Formation Division of New Mission Systems International.)

Week of Nov. 8 -12- Lime green table tents went up on all the tables in the Union with just the question "Do you agree with Dave?" on them. Flyers with that question also went up all over campus.

Nov. 14 (Sunday) - Students held a rally with evangelism training & training on what to say when someone asked about the T -shirts. We handed out lime green "I agree with Dave" shirts that night.

Nov. 15 - An ad appeared in the Arizona Daily Wildcat (student newspaper) with a statement of faith signed by sophomore Dave Goffeney (this is the statement we were agreeing with).  Students & staff wore T -shirts on campus and we set up an information table on the mall in front of the Union.  Students got up early and wrote the question "Do you agree with Dave?" on most every blackboard or whiteboard on campus.  Flyers went up in every classroom and dorm.  The response was amazing.  We gave away nearly 500 brochures with Dave's testimony and the Four Laws printed on them that first day alone. Students were asked by professors what this "Dave thing" was all about -several were able to share the entire gospel with their class.  We sponsored a Bar-B-Q at one of the Dorms Monday night.  A guy received Christ with Dave at the Bar-B-Q.  Everywhere we went we were stopped and asked, "Who is Dave?" or "What is this Dave thing about?" Students who never before shared their faith were sharing the gospel.  One guy, Bernie, told me that it was the best day of his life. He got to share Christ with several friends that he thought he would never be able to talk to.  Another student, John - a freshman, told me he was scared to death to put on the shirt that morning but did it anyway.  He had numerous opportunities to share his faith as other students asked him about the shirt.   I got to share the gospel with a couple of dozen students through-out the week because they stopped and asked me to explain what this was all about (students had even more opportunities).

Nov. 16 - We were on the front page of the student newspaper, an editorial entitled "No Harm in Agreeing with Dave" appeared and the letters to the editor started.  A lot more interest was generated and there was never a moment at our information table when someone wasn't sharing the gospel with someone.  "I disagree with Dave" shirts started appearing on campus.  We sponsored a "Dave" program in a freshman residence hall - Dave shared his testimony and the gospel.

Nov. 17 - More ads & more of the same type of reaction.

Nov. 18 - A Biology professor gave a lecture on evolution and finished the lecture by saying, "I have come to the conclusion that none of this is true.  I agree with Dave."  He then turned off the microphone and walked out of the room.  We ran an ad of varsity athletes who agree with Dave.  Over 300 showed up at a night meeting on the U of A mall - an evangelistic talk was given by a student - Jon Bickerton, and testimony by Dave.  Reporters showed up again - mainly to photograph Dave. More letters to the editor.  Anti Dave stuff was appearing everywhere -T -shirts -"F--Dave", "Who the Hell is Dave?", "I agree with Darwin", "I disagree with Dave", etc...  Flyers appeared with "I disagree with Dave", "Reasons why I disagree with Dave", etc...  A freshman student, Cameron, found a poster on his door that was titled "I Disagree with Dave", A lot of profane statements were also on this poster - it was signed by every guy on his dorm floor. Lots of reports of students being verbally abused for wearing the shirts.
One girl said no one would sit within three seats of her in a crowded lecture hall, Many Christians also came to the surface -they wanted to buy a shirt or simply whispered to a student wearing a shirt "I am a Christian too - I agree with Dave."

Nov. 19 - Friday, much more of the same. Dave (wearing an "I am Dave" shirt) spoke for almost 3 hours in the free speech area on campus sharing his testimony, the gospel and answering questions.  He did a great job.  We ran an ad in the Daily Wildcat of Professors who agree with Dave.  Even a comic strip in the student paper featured a guy with an "I agree with Dave" T - shirt.

Overall - We sold 250 lime green "I agree with Dave" T-shirts at cost, 1800 brochures with Dave's story (testimony) and the Four Spiritual Laws printed in them were given away, an additional 500+ Four Laws or Knowing God Personally booklets were given away, 45 More than a Carpenter books were given away. The gospel was shared with hundreds of students. We spent a total of just over $2,700 on ads, flyers, brochure printing, etc..  We'll probably never know the full impact or results. I continue to hear stories from students of what God did that week.  What started as a crazy idea ended up literally saturating the campus with the gospel.

And it continues, ministries on over 70 campuses inspired by "Dave Week" at the University of Arizona have held similar weeks on their campuses!  This even went international as campuses in Australia, Canada and Scotland have also held their own versions of "Dave Week".

Here is a partial list of campuses where an "I agree with..." campaign has been held:

Humboldt State University - I agree with Tom - Dec. 1998

University of Arizona - I agree with Dave - Nov. 1999

UC Santa Barbara - I agree with Glenn - March 2000

Penn State - I agree with Adam - Feb. 2000

UC San Diego - I agree with Michael - March 2000

University of Hawaii - I agree with Audree - first female - Fall 2000

SUNY Stonybrook - I agree with R B - April 2000

UC Berkley - I agree with Paul - Feb. 2000

University  Northern Colorado-  I agree with Aaron - Spring 2000

University of Illinois - I agree with Mark  - Oct. 2000

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo - I agree with Jimmy - Spring 2000

University of North Florida - I agree with Ray - Feb. 2001

William & Mary - I agree with Sam - Fall 2001

LSU - I agree with Andy - Oct. 2001

UC Riverside - I agree with Ike - Oct. 2001

Colorado State University - I agree with Dave

University of Nevada - Reno - I agree with Wes - April 2001

New Mexico State - I agree with Dave - Fall 2000

Towson - I agree with Tim - April 2001

Fresno State - I agree with Jason - Mar. 2000

Central Washington State - I agree with Tyler & Peter - Feb. 2002

Rutgers - I agree with Mike

University of Central Florida

University of Oregon - I agree with Ryan - Spring 2000

Ball State U - I agree with Andy - Fall 2000

Purdue - I agree with Matt - Oct. 2000 - I agree with Jake - 2004

NC State - I agree with Mike - Spring 2000

Harvard - I agree with Kyle - Spring 2000 & again in 2001 (I agree with Tina)

Ohio State - I agree with Jared - Spring 2000

University of Wisconsin - LaCross - I agree with Dan - Spring 2000

University of Wisconsin - Stout - I agree with Dave - Fall 2000

University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point - I agree with Justin - Feb. 2001

University of Colorado - I agree with Rachel - Fall 2000

Portland State - I agree with Mike - Feb. 2001

Clackamas State - I agree with Paul - Spring 2001

East Tennessee State I agree with R C -Fall 2000

University North Dakota - I agree with Eric - Nov. 2001

University of Iowa

Northwestern University - I agree with Marvin - Apr 2001

Middle Tenn. State University - I agree with Dave - March 2002

Chico State - I agree with Rich - April 2001

Pasadena City College - Nov. 2001

Clemson - I agree with Greg, Emily and Gary - April 2002

Penn College of Technology - I agree with John - March 2002

Yale - I agree with Dave - April 2001

University of Pennsylvania - I agree with Kris - April 2000

Montana State University - I agree with Mike & Ryan - April 2001

Chandler-Gilbert Community College - I agree with Moses - Spring 2001

University of Indiana - I agree with Dave

Kansas State - I agree with Joe - April 2002

UC Davis - I agree with Jessica - Spring 2000

College of Sequoias, CA - I agree with Katie - Nov. 2000

University of Michigan - I agree with Scott - Fall 2000

University of Washington - I agree with Lynette and Joe - May 2001

University of Alaska, Anchorage

Cal. State LA - (April 2002)

Compton Community College

Merced Community College (CA) - I agree with Katie - Oct. 2001

Monterey Peninsula College (CA) - I agree with Jared - Spring 2001

James Madison Univ. - I agree with Russ - Spring 2000

Miami University, Ohio -  2001

University of Cincinnati - I agree with Justin -  Oct 2001

Miami University - Middletown - I agree with Melissa -  March 2002

Glasgow, Scotland - I agree with Roger

University of Queensland, Australia - I agree with Pete

Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia - I agree with Richie - 2001

University of Western Sydney, Australia - I agree with Rachel - 2002

University of Florida Gainesville - I agree with Eric - Feb 2001

University of North Carolina - I agree with Marty - March 2001

University of St. Thomas & other schools in St. Paul, MN - I agree with Rachel - March 2002 - that is Rachel Scott, Columbine victim

Hampton Beach Summer Project - I agree with Paul - Summer 2000

Minnesota State University at  Moorhead, MN - I agree with Chad - April 2002

North Dakota State University - I agree with Jon - April 2002

University of Kansas - KU - I agree with Lee - April 2002

Iowa State University - I agree with Dave - September 2002

Queens University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada - I agree with Jamie - November 2003

University of Manitoba - I agree with Joleen and Brian - Spring 2003

University of Alberta - I agree with Blair - Spring 2003

Wright State University - Dayton, OH - I agree with Neo - April 2003

McNeese State University - Lake Charles, LA - I agree with Dave

Michigan Technological University - I agree with Dan - October 2003

Northern Michigan University - I agree with Ben  

University of Idaho - I agree with Mark and Brenda

High School Campus - Arcadia, CA - I agree with Joylani - Spring 2001

High School Campus - Austin, TX - Spring 2001

Bartram Trail High School - Jacksonville, FL - I agree with Jenna and Justin

McMaster University - Hamilton, Ontario, Canada - Do you agree with Dave? - October 2004

University of Guelph - Guelph, Ontario, Canada - Do you agree with Graydon?- October 2004

University of Waterloo - Waterloo, Ontario, Canada - Do you agree with Bryon? - October 2004

NAU - Northern Arizona University - I agree with Randy - February 2005

Illinois State University - I agree with Kyle - Fall 2005

If you know of other campuses that have had an "I agree with..."  evangelistic outreach please email, Bob Krepps, and let us know about it.

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