Benjamin Taylor Flesher


Father*                       Andrew Jackson Flesher (b. 02 Jan 1827, d. 16 Jan 1898)

Mother*                      Sarah Melissa Weaver (b. 15 Sep 1827, d. 19 May 1857)


Birth*               13 Nov 1855

Marriage*         03 Mar 1877                Mary Addie Francis (b. 17 Oct 1860,          )

Daughter:         __ ___ 1879                Bertha Colburn Flesher (b. 1879,          ); WV.

Daughter:                                           Frances Flesher; she married William Tracy Moore

Daughter:                                           Katharine G. Flesher; she married Charles Rathburn

Daughter:                                           Vashti Pauline Flesher; she married Austin V. Wood

Daughter:                                           Besse Flesher; she married Robert L. Hamilton

Son:                13 Jun 1889                Orion Herbert Flesher (b. 13 Jun 1889,          ); he married Dena Lantz

Death*             23 Jan 1928                Hunington, WV.


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