Catherine Cook

Catherine Cook Bryner From Newspaper Obituary, Clarion, PA, October 1904.

Catherine Cook Bryner was born in Shewsheim, Germany, December 14, 1827, and died October 14, 1904, aged 76 years 10 months.  She was the only daughter of Sebastian and Elizabeth Cook who with her emigrated to this country about the year 1830 and settled in Lancaster, Pa., where they remained about two years, afterwards moving to Paint Township, Clarion County, Pa., where she, with the exception of a short time spent in Crawford County, Pa., lived the remainder of her days.

She was united in marriage to Israel C. Bryner December 28, 1850 and is survived by him, three brothers, eight sons and one daughter and was preceded to the better land by and infant daughter who died about 43 years ago.

She united with the Mt. Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church Shippenville, Pa., May 8, 1841.  The Rev. George F. Ebrenfeld was then pastor.  The church records show that she was thoroughly devoted to her church and a most faithful Christian.  She was a member for over 63 years and 54 of these years record faithfulness in attendance upon the regular church services and marked activity in church and Sunday school work.  Her communion record is equally good, sickness the only reason for absence.  For the last 10 years she has been unable to attend church at all, but all who visited her know that her heart was there, for she never failed to inquire about its welfare, and to express her desire to be there.


Father*                       Sebastian Cook (b. 1799, d. 1852)

Mother*                      Elizabeth Smith (b. 1801, d. 1855)


Birth*               14 Dec 1827                Wirsterburg, Baden, Germany

Marriage*        26 Dec 1850                Israel C. Bryner (b. 10 May 1824, d. 20 Dec 1914); Clarion County, PA.

Son:                02 Jan 1852                Joseph Cook Bryner (b. 02 Jan 1852, d. 14 Sep 1921); Clarion County, PA.; he married Emma J. Barton

Son:                 09 Jul 1853                David Albert Bryner (b. 09 Jul 1853, d. 29 Jan 1925); Clarion County, PA.; married Margaret E. Nelson 

Son:                  circa 1855                Sebastian Sylvester Bryner; Clarion County, PA.

Son:               25 Nov 1856                Israel Cyrus Bryner (b. 25 Nov 1856, d. 08 Apr 1942); Clarion County, PA.; married Ida Jane Dodd  

Son:                   circa 1859                Cornelius Beatty Bryner; Clarion County, PA.

Daughter:                    1860                Barbara E. Bryner (b. 1860, d. 1862)

Son:                     Oct 1862                George I. McClellan Bryner (b. 31 Oct 1862, d. Nov 1923 )

Daughter:             Mar 1864                Lillian Cornelia Bryner; (b. Mar 1864,            ) Clarion County, PA.  

Son:                12 Apr 1868                Ezra Wilson Bryner (b. 12 Apr 1868, d. 1939); Clarion County, PA.; married Nettie Mortimer and Grace J. Stover  

Son:                   circa 1870                Bart William Bryner; Clarion County, PA.  

Death*             14 Oct 1904                Clarion County, PA.


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