Eternal Perspective – Living in Light of Eternity

Bob Krepps

To look at life in light of the life to come, to accept eternity as the dominant reality, is to have an eternal perspective.  The heroes of the faith are those who have lived in light of eternity.  Abraham left his country and relatives for a land God would show him.  Why?  Because “he desired a better country, that is a heavenly one.”  Moses, “seeing Him who is unseen”, turned his back on the wealth of Egypt to lead a nation of grumbling and complaining Hebrews to the promise land.  He preferred God’s eternal purposes rather than “the passing pleasures of Egypt.”

A perspective is a point of view, a way of thinking about a matter.  Having an eternal perspective means evaluating the beliefs, events, decisions and actions of life from God’s point of view.  It is using God’s values as the measuring stick with which we evaluate life.  It is recognizing that everything done in the present has an eternal consequence and should be evaluated in that light.  Martin Luther once said that on his calendar there were but two days, “today and that day.”  He recognized that every day of this life is preparation for the day when we will stand before God in eternity.  I can view the world through “spiritual eyes”, with God’s perspective or I can simply view the world through “physical eyes” and fail to grasp the eternal.  My view of life will greatly affect my thinking and my actions.

Scripture to Consider

Matthew 6:  19 – 34

II Corinthians 4:  16 – 5: 10

Colossians 3: 1 – 3

I Corinthians 2: 6 - 9

I John 2:  15 – 17

Benefits of Living with an Eternal Perspective

Treasures “laid up for eternity” cannot be destroyed or stolen.  They are secure. 

God has declared us to be of great value – eternally significant.  We don’t have to find our value or sense of importance from a false (temporal) value system.

We are able to endure trials, difficulties, and persecution with an expectant hope.

How to Develop an Eternal Perspective

Study and meditate on God’s values.  You cannot know God’s values apart from knowing God’s Word, the Bible.

Chose daily to measure your values and decisions against the truth of God’s Word. 

Permission is granted to use this Bible Study outline for personal study and small groups only. 

Study written by Bob Krepps  © 2001 all rights reserved


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