Jeremiah Bartlett

Jeremiah Bartlett (1775 1813) Jeremiah Bartlett was the son of Jeremiah and Rebecca (Lapham) Bartlett born on April 6, 1775, in Cumberland, Rhode Island.  He was the twin brother of Susannah.  He married Jerusha Dyer Jeffers on May 27, 1796 in Cumberland, RI.  He went with his family to Harmar, Ohio in the fall of 1805.  His brother, Amos, preceded him to Ohio.  He bought land about three miles above Harmar, on the bank of the Muskingum River.  After building a house he took his wife and family there in the fall of 1806.  The journey from Cumberland, RI to Sumrilis Ferry on the Youghiogheny River, present day West Newton, Pennsylvania, was made in wagons and on horseback.  There the men built an open boat in which they floated the wagons, luggage, and furniture, together with pigs, sheep and chickens down the Youghiogheny, Monongahela and Ohio to Harmar.  Other men with the women and children came through with the horses and cattle.  Jerusha Bartlett often told her grandson of the many hardships of this long journey, on which she carried on horseback in her lap her infant son Levi.  The road was an untamed path over a rough country.  Many streams had to be forded.  In  1813 he bought eighty acres of land in Wesley Township, Washington County, Ohio.  Jeremiah and Jerusha had ten children.  Jeremiah is described as a strong man, five feet nine inches tall, weighing 180 pounds.  Jerusha is described as medium size, strong and sprightly.   Jeremiah died on September 23, 1813.  Jerusha died at the home of her son Levi on April 20, 1868.[1]

[1] Daniel C. Bartlett Family, Florence Bartlett Richey, 1956


Father*                       Jeremiah Bartlett (b. 16 Aug 1741, d. 20 Aug 1800)

Mother*                      Rebecca Lapham (b. circa 1740, d. before 26 May 1786)


Birth*               06 Apr 1775                Cumberland, Providence Co., Rhode Island.

Marriage*       22 May 1796                Jerusha Dyer Jeffers (b. 08 Nov 1776, d. 20 Apr 1868); Cumberland, Providence, Rhode Island.

Daughter:       14 May 1797                Elvira Liva Bartlett (b. 14 May 1797, d. Apr 1838); Cumberland, Providence Co., Rhode Island.

Daughter:       11 Nov 1798                Persilla Bartlett (b. 11 Nov 1798, d. 04 Jan 1875); Cumberland, Providence Co., Rhode Island.

Son:                22 Mar 1800               Smith Bartlett (b. 22 Mar 1800, d. 18 Nov 1870); Cumberland, Providence, Rhode Island.

Daughter:       01 Dec 1801                Anna Bartlett (b. 01 Dec 1801, d. after 1880); Harmar, Washington Co., Ohio.

Daughter:       31 Oct 1803                Miriam Bartlett (b. 31 Oct 1803, d. 18 Jul 1826); Harmar, Washington Co., Ohio.

Son:                20 Jul 1805                Levi Bartlett (b. 20 Jul 1805, d. 18 May 1879); Cumberland, Providence Co., Rhode Island.

Son:               22 Jun 1807                Fearing Bartlett (b. 22 Jun 1807, d. 02 Jun 1825); Harmar, Washington Co., Ohio.

Daughter:       01 Jan 1810                Susan Bartlett (b. 01 Jan 1810, d. May 1896); Harmar, Washington, Ohio.

Daughter:       09 Mar 1812                Mary Bartlett (b. 09 Mar 1812, d. after 1880); Washington, Ohio:1880 lived in  Palmer, Washington, Ohio.

Death*           28 Sep 1813                Washington, OH.

Son:              20 May 1814                Jeremiah Bartlett (b. 20 May 1814, d. 15 Oct 1814); Harmar, Washington, Ohio.

Burial*             __ ___ ____                Harmar, Ohio.


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