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John Bartlett (about 1644 - d. 1684) – John Bartlett, probably was born in England, he married Sarah Aldridge, the daughter of George and Katherine Seald Aldridge in 1665.  John and Sarah first settled at Weymouth, Massachusetts about 1666.  He was one who had his money invested in the development of the town as a Proprietor.  They moved to Mendon, Massachusetts in 1671.  At a Mendon town meeting on January 1, 1672 he was granted a twenty-acre house lot with all the rights and privileges that other twenty acre lot owners had, except he had to wait for his meadow until all other inhabitants who had come before him had received theirs.  At the town meeting on March 18, 1672 it was voted by the freemen and granted that he should pay ten pounds for his lot which was on the west side of Mill River.  John was the contractor who built the house of the Reverend Grindal Rawson, Mendon’s minister.  John and Sarah left Mendon at the outbreak of King Philip’s war, as did the rest of the settlers (several settlements were attacked by Native Americans let by King Phillip in 1775).  They returned after peace was restored.  By 1683 they moved to Rehoboth, Rhode Island (Cumberland).  On June 5, 1683 he took an oath of fidelity as a resident of Rehoboth.  John died on February 26, 1684, he was just forty years old.  Sarah died a year later on February 17, 1685.  John and his wife left a very large estate to their eight minor children.  The estate was most likely held in trust by the “Proprietors” to provide for the children.  In 1698, an agreement was signed by all the children, except Noah and Daniel, not then of age, for the distribution of the property.[1]

[1] The Bartletts.  Ancestral, Genealogical, Biographical, Historical.  Comprising an account of the American Progenitors of the Bartlett Family, with Special Reference to the Descendants of John Bartlett of Weymouth and Cumberland, Thomas Edward Bartlett, Stafford Printing Company, 1892





Birth*           cir __ ___ 1644

Marriage*     cir __ ___ 1665                Sarah Aldrich (b. 16 Jan 1644/45, d. circa 17 Jan 1684/85); Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts.

Son:             11 Feb 1665/66              John Bartlett (b. 11 Feb 1665/66, d. 08 Nov 1732); Weymouth, Suffolk, Massachusetts.

Son:                28 Mar 1670                Samuel Bartlett (b. 28 Mar 1670, d. 24 Feb 1742/43); Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts.

Son:                __ ___ 1672                Jacob Bartlett (b. 1672, d. 01 Dec 1741); Mendon, Worcester, Massachusetts.

Son:                __ ___ 1674                Moses Bartlett (b. 1674, d. 15 Jan 1753); Mendon, Worchester Co., Massachusetts.

Daughter:         __ ___ 1676                Sarah Bartlett (b. 1676, d. before Aug 1750); of; Providence, Providence Co., Rhode Island.

Daughter:     01 Jan 1678/79                Mary Bartlett (b. 01 Jan 1678/79,          ); Mendon, Worcester, Massachusetts.

Son:             29 Jan 1679/80                Noah Bartlett (b. 29 Jan 1679/80,          ); Mendon, Worcester, Massachusetts.

Son:             24 Jan 1683/84                Daniel Bartlett (b. 24 Jan 1683/84, d. 29 Jun 1762); Rehoboth, Bristol Co., Massachusetts.

Death*         cir 17 Aug 1684                Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts.

Burial*             17 Aug 1684                Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts.


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