John Henry Krebs

John Henry Krebs (1742 – 1798) – John Henry Krebs, the son of Johann Heinrich and Maria Barbara (Grim) Krebs, was born in 1742, at New Hanover, Pennsylvania.  He lived in New Hanover, and then lived in Berks County from 1760 - 1772.  He arrived and settled in Mahanoy Township in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania in 1773.  He purchased 100 acres of land there, surveyed on April 5, 1774.[1]  On April 11, 1774 the proprietors of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church granted a warrant for twenty-five acres of land in August (later Mahanoy Township) to Gottlieb Leffler and Henry Krebs in trust for a Lutheran and Calvinist Church and schoolhouse thereon to be erected and built.[2]  There was a Krebs Church in Red Cross, Upper Mahanoy Township, in Northumberland County.[3]  In 1779 Henry was a constable in Mahanoy Township.  During the Revolutionary War he was a committee man for Mahanoy Township.[4]  John Henry Krebs died in March of 1798.[5] 

[1] In 1794 a Philip Krebs, a Peter Krebs and a Michael Kreps purchased 400 acres each in Northumberland County.

[2] Northumberland Land Warrant L-71, BLR.

[3] History of Northumberland County, Herbert C. Bell.  The Church register was lost.

[4] He is reported to also have served in the military during the war, I am attempting to confirm and document this.

[5] There was a Catharina Krebs convicted and hanged for infanticide that may have been John Henry Krebs’ daughter. (We do not know who she was.)  One daughter died leaving two illegitimate children.


Father*                     Johann Heinrich Krebs (b. 18 Jul 1711, d. 17 Jan 1771)

Mother*                     Maria Barbara Grim (Krim) (b. 01 Apr 1715, d. 1777)


Birth*                     __ ___ 1742            New Hanover, PA.

Marriage*       bef __ ___ 1858            Christina Margaret (--?--)

Daughter:              __ ___ 1759            Susanna Krebs/Kreps (b. 1759, d. 1792)

Daughter:         cir __ ___ 1760            Elizabeth Krebs/Kreps (b. circa 1760,          )

Daughter:                                                Catherine Krebs

Daughter:                                                Mary Elizabeth Krebs

Daughter:             06 Aug 1769            Maria Magdelena Krebs/Kreps (b. 06 Aug 1769, d. 1844); Berks County, PA. ; married John Andrew Emerick

Daughter:             07 Feb 1772            Christina Krebs/Kreps (b. 07 Feb 1772, d. 06 Nov 1844); Berks County, PA. ; married George Otto

Son:                      12 Jun 1777            John Henry Krebs/Kreps (b. 12 Jun 1777, d. 04 Mar 1841); married Maria Barbara Koble

Son:                     06 May 1783            John George Krebs (b. 06 May 1783, d. 02 May 1849); Northumberland County, PA.

Death*                  __ Mar 1798            Mahanoy Twp., Northumberland County, PA.


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