John Krepps

John Krepps served in Troop M, 6th US Calvary during the Civil War.  He enlisted as a private in 1861, was promoted to Sergeant in 1863 and was discharged on 10 Sept 1864.  He lived most of his life in Beaver Falls, PA.


Father*                       Henry Krebs/Kreps (b. circa 1808,          )

Mother*                      Caroline (--?--) (b. circa 1820,          )


Birth*               10 Oct 1839                Butler County, PA.

Marriage*        23 Jan 1868                Emma Skiles (b. circa 1847, d. 28 Jul 1931); PA; Married by Rev. R. G. Rankin.

Daughter:       14 Feb 1869                Minnie E. Krepps (b. 14 Feb 1869,          ); Beaver County, PA.

Daughter:        09 Apr 1871                Mary N. Krepps (b. 09 Apr 1871, d. 08 Feb 1887); Beaver County, PA.

Daughter:       09 Feb 1873                Ida May Krepps (b. 09 Feb 1873, d. 12 Dec 1879); Beaver County, PA.

Son:               14 Mar 1875                Ralph Krepps (b. 14 Mar 1875, d. 12 Dec 1879); Beaver County, PA.

Son:               22 Jan 1878                John H. Krepps (b. 22 Jan 1878,          ); Beaver County, PA.

Daughter:        25 Mar 1881                Laura Ada Krepps (b. 25 Mar 1881,          ); Beaver County, PA.; she married Edward B. Harvey

Son:               25 Aug 1883                William V. Krepps (b. 25 Aug 1883,d. Oct 1968 in Seattle, WA); Beaver County, PA.; he married Ethel ? (William also had two daughters June and Janis who were born in Nebraska, in 1920 William is living in Chicago and is Superintendent of a scale shop)

Son:               28 Feb 1885                George Krepps (b. 28 Feb 1885,          ); Beaver County, PA.

Daughter:         01 Oct 1888                Fay Edna Krepps (b. 01 Oct 1888, d. Jul 1977 in Beaver County, PA); Beaver County, PA.

Son:                02 Dec 1890                Edward Krepps (b. 02 Dec 1890, d. Apr 1981 in VA); Beaver County, PA. he married Mary ? and had a son Edward, Jr. who was born in Nebraska about 1917, in 1920 Edward was living in Nebraska.  He died in Newport News, VA.

Death*             19 Aug 1927                National Soldiers Home, Hampton, VA.


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