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Robert Doak (1750 – 1838) – Robert Doak was born in County Antrium, Ireland in 1750.  He immigrated to the Colony of Pennsylvania with his three brothers in 1767.  He enlisted in Captain Hay’s Company in Northhampton County on January 6, 1776.  This company was associated with others under the command of Colonel Siegfried and became a part of Col. Trespaugh’s Battalion of Pennsylvania troops.  Robert served as a soldier from January 6, 1776 to March 8, 1783.  He fought in the battles of Germantown and Brandywine among others.  He was one of the soldiers camped at Valley Forge in the winter of 1777 – 78 suffering from cold and lack of proper food and clothing.  On the general roll of the Revolutionary forces dated May 14, 1778, his Company is the 6th Company of the 4th Battalion.  Captain John Ralston was the commander.  Bothers Robert, Moses and James Doak are on the roll of the company, which consisted of 83 men, James Doak being the Quartermaster.

            Robert married Sarah McKribben the daughter of John and Sarah (Coburn) McKribben in 1784.  They had ten children.  He built a log cabin home and established a farm.  (Located on land that is now Raccoon State Park in Beaver County, PA.)  He was one of the subscribers to a school conducted by Rev. John Taylor.  The school opened on May 2, 1779.  Rev. Taylor, a Presbyterian, probably also preached in the school building.  Rev. Taylor left for a larger opportunity and began teaching school in Pittsburgh on June 1, 1880. 

Robert would travel about 30 miles to attend a Presbyterian church at Buffalo Village in Washington County.  This church was founded in 1779 as the result of a revival.  Robert would leave on Saturday and ride the 30 miles to church carrying his rifle to guard against wild beasts or Indians.  After Sunday services he would return home on Monday.  In 1784 Mill Creek Presbyterian Church was organized.  Robert Doak was one of the charter members.  Robert was chosen to pick up Rev. Scott, a professor at Princeton, and bring him back to be the first pastor.  Robert left home in his Conestoga wagon on May 27, 1799 and arrived at Princeton, New Jersey, on June 17.  On July 1, they left Princeton and arrived at Mill Creek in Beaver County, Pennsylvania, on July 20, 1799.  The total travel distance was over eight hundred miles.  To pay for his services the men of the congregation put up his harvest for him that fall.  Robert died on October 4, 1838, at the age of 88.  Sarah died on June 18, 1838.  They are buried in the Mill Creek Church cemetery.[1]

[1] How to be Rich, Alson M. Doak, a Doak family history first published in 1910 - Note: this is the source of much of the information in this biography.  All genealogical information and dates have been confirmed by using at least two separate sources, such as census records or church records.  As of the date of this writing I have not received copies of Robert's military record to confirm the account in this history.





Birth*               __ ___ 1750                Rashee Parish, County Antrim.

Marriage*        __ ___ 1784                Sarah McKibben (b. circa 1765, d. 18 Jun 1838); Pittsburgh, PA.

Daughter:        __ ___ 1785                Elizabeth Doak (b. 1785,          )

Daughter:        __ ___ 1786                Nancy Elizabeth Doak (b. 1786,          )

Son:              28 Dec 1793                John Doak (b. 28 Dec 1793, d. 15 Apr 1874)

Son:              17 Sep 1797                Moses Doak (b. 17 Sep 1797, d. 25 May 1889); Beaver County, PA.

Daughter:        __ ___ 1800                Margaret Doak (b. 1800,          )

Daughter:        __ ___ 1801                Sarah Doak (b. 1801, d. 22 Aug 1869)

Son:                01 Jun 1801                Robert W. Doak (b. 01 Jun 1801, d. 21 Jan 1883); Hanover Twp., Beaver County, PA.

Son:                __ ___ 1805                William Doak (b. 1805,          )

Son:               15 Sep 1806                Thomas Doak (b. 15 Sep 1806, d. 19 Apr 1882)

Daughter:         __ ___ 1813                Mary Doak (b. 1813, d. 17 Jul 1834)

Death*              11 Oct 1838                Beaver County, PA.

Burial*              13 Oct 1838                Mill Creek Cemetery, Beaver County, PA.


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