Salvation: Experiencing God's Grace - Word Studies

Grace - God's unmerited (undeserved) favor, His unmerited love. We are given something even though we deserve the opposite. God's grace is the basis of our relationship with the God of the universe. God's grace is made known through Jesus Christ. Ephesians 2 : 1 - 9 (God's Riches At Christ' s Expense)

Election - God's eternal unconditional choice, to select out or choose. Election is not based on merit but on God's mercy. Ephesians 1: 3 - 5, Romans 9

Justification - To justify means to declare righteous the act of a judge declaring the opposite of condemnation. We are acquitted. Justification is God's fundamental act of grace and blessing. Romans 3: 21 - 26, Romans 4: 3 - 8 & 25, Romans 5: 1 - 2 & 18 - 19, Isaiah 53: 4 - 8, 10 - 12.

Our salvation flows from God. God is holy, righteous and just God does not lower His standards to accommodate us. How can an unjust, unholy man stand before a holy God and survive? Jesus was the only innocent man ever to be punished by God. God would have been more than unjust, He would have been diabolical to punish Jesus if Jesus had not first willingly taken upon Himself the sins of the world. Once Christ did that, once He volunteered to be the Lamb of God, laden with our sin, then He became the most vile thing on this planet With the concentration of sin He carried He became utterly repugnant to the Father. God poured out His wrath on Him, God made Christ accursed for the sin He bore. All this was done for us. He took the punishment justice demanded form us. II Corinthians 5: 21

Now Christ's righteousness is imputed to us (believers). This allows me to stand not condemned before a holy and just God.

Redemption - To buy as a slave out of the slave market and set free by paying a price. Greek words are agorazo - to buy or purchase, peripoies - to make a possession of, and lutroo to set free. I Corinthians 7: 23, Ephesians 1: 7, Titus 2: 14, Acts 20: 28, Galatians 3: 13, I Peter 1: 18 - 19, I Peter 3: 18, Revelation 5: 9.

Propitiation - means satisfaction. The death of Christ satisfied the demands of a holy, just God in respect to judgment Romans 3: 25, I John 1: 10, I John 2: 2.

Reconciliation - To change one's relationship from an enemy to a friend. II Corinthians 5: 18 - 20, Romans 5: 10 - 11, Romans 11: 15, Ephesians 2: 14 - 17, Colossians 1: 19 - 20.

Regeneration - Rebirth, second birth. God's work in man, an act of grace. It is an instilling of life in a dead soul a change which brings one under the effective dominion of the Holy Spirit and makes him responsive to God. One who has not been born from above cannot see God's kingdom or enter it Without regeneration no one would believe. Regeneration precedes faith. John 3: 1 - 8, John 1: 13, Titus 3: 5, Ephesians 2: 1, II Corinthians 5: 17, James 1: 17 - 18.

Faith -Belief or trust, to lean on, a reliance in the living God, confident trust Faith is not just intellectual belief but also confident resting on or relying on Christ the object of our confidence.  Salvation is through faith alone. Ephesians 2: 8- 9, Acts 16: 31, Hebrews 11.

Conversion & repentance - Turning from sin to God. Change one's thinking about God. It implies godly sorrow for sin. Romans 2:4

Forgiveness - to cover, blot out, take away sin.  Isaiah 44: 22, Ephesians 4: 32.

Adoption - to be taken into God's family as His child. John 1: 12 - 13, Ephesians 1: 5 & 11

Permission is granted to use this Bible Study outline for personal study and small groups only. 

Study written by Bob Krepps  1994 all rights reserved



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