Shepherd Leadership A Bible Study

Bob Krepps


First look at Jesus as the "Good Shepherd":

            OLD TESTAMENT

            Genesis 48: 15  - Israel (Jacob) refers to God as his Shepherd.

            Psalm 23 - David calls God his Shepherd.

            Psalm 80:1

            Isaiah 40: 9 - 11

            Ezekiel 34: 11 - 24  The future Messiah is called the Shepherd.

            Micah 5: 2 - 4 The Messiah to be born will shepherd His flock.

                        This prophecy is fulfilled in Matthew 2: 4 - 6


            NEW TESTAMENT

            John 10: 1 - 33  What does this tell us about Jesus?  What does this tell us about spiritual leadership?

            Revelation 7: 17  The Lamb shall be their Shepherd.


Now look at our role as a leader:

            I Peter 5: 1 - 4                        

            What does Peter say about leadership in this passage?  In what ways can you apply this as you lead people?


            The primary duties of a shepherd are to lead, feed and meet the needs of the sheep.  When we stop caring for people we relinquish the right to lead.  Servant Leadership pertains to the task, shepherding has to do with people. 


Key Questions:


            What are you doing to feed yourself from God's Word?  What are you doing to feed others from God's Word?


            In what ways have you been a good example to the "flock"?  A bad example?  Are there things you want those you are leading to do that you yourself are no longer doing? 


Have you stopped emphasizing something (in leading your Bible study, group, Church or organization) because it is presently absent in your own life?  It is easy to stop leading by example because we want to be comfortable - we would rather sit back and take an executive position (as a consultant or manager) rather than lead by example.


            Do you care for the people you are leading?  In what ways?  Do you pray for them?  If the success of your ministry were an accurate reflection of your prayer life, what would your ministry look like?


Permission is granted to use this Bible Study outline for personal study and small groups only. 

Study written by Bob Krepps  1993 all rights reserved


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