Wesley Tecumseh Davenport

Wesley T. Davenport Obituary from the Humboldt Republican Newspaper

Wesley T. Davenport, the son of William H. and Sara Dodd Davenport, was born July 24, 1867, in DeKalb County, Ill., and passed away after an illness of only a few days, March 27, at his home in Fort Dodge.  He had attained the age of 82 years, eight months and three days.

His boyhood years were spent in the community of his birth in Il., coming in 1881 at the age of 14 to Humboldt County.  March 27, 1889, he was united in marriage to Miss Mary Esther Sheridan by Rev. John Frith.  This union was blessed by the birth of 10 children, six of whom are still living.

Wesley Davenport was held in high esteem by his many friends who recall his years in our midst, not only as a neighbor, but also as a farmer, carpenter and rural mail carrier for 15 years.  He was for many years a member of the Modern Woodman of America.  His wife passed away, Feb. 21, 1935, and a short time afterward he has since made his home with the exception of a few years in Webster City.

He is survived by five sons and a daughter:  Clifford William, Raymond Sheridan, Earl Wesley, Fay Milton, Floyd Arthur and Mrs. Margaret Esther Thayer.  Also morning his departure are three step-brothers, six grandchildren, two great-grandchildren and other more distant relatives.  A host of friends express deepest sympathy to the bereaved family.

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Father*                     William H. Davenport (b. 04 Sep 1843, d. 16 Dec 1928)

Mother*                    Sarah Jane Dodd (b. 18 Sep 1844, d. 30 Dec 1876)


Birth*                    24 Jul 1867            Milan, DeKalb County, IL.

Marriage*           27 Mar 1889            Mary Esther Sheridan (b. 1865, d. 21 Feb 1935); Rutland, Humboldt County, IA.

Daughter:           11 Feb 1890            Grace Ethel Davenport (b. 11 Feb 1890, d. 20 May 1916)

Daughter:           28 Sep 1891            Blanch Edith Davenport (b. 28 Sep 1891, d. 20 Aug 1895)

Son:                     08 Oct 1895            Clifford William Davenport (b. 08 Oct 1895)

Son:                    29 Sep 1896            Raymond Sheridan Davenport (b. 29 Sep 1896, d. 27 Jul 1955); married Louise Gangstead

Son:                    23 Aug 1899            Earl Wesley Davenport (b. 23 Aug 1899)

Son:                     05 Mar 1902            Fay Milton Davenport (b. 05 Mar 1902, d. 25 Feb 1965); married Marjorie Mellona Goodell

Son:                     27 Apr 1904            Floyd Arthur Davenport (b. 27 Apr 1904); married Lucille Stearns

Daughter:            12 Mar 1906            Margaret Esther Davenport (b. 12 Mar 1906); Otis E. Thayer

Son:                     03 Nov 1908            Howard Davenport (b. 03 Nov 1908, d. 21 Sep 1909)

Daughter:            03 Nov 1908            Helen Davenport (b. 03 Nov 1908, d. 24 Sep 1909)

Death*                 27 Mar 1950            Fort Dodge, IA.


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