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Aquilla Spencer Stover (1844 - 1912)

Stover Family - Sophia (Shreffler) Stover - in wheelchair (mother of Aquilla Stover), Aquilla and Katie E. (Delo) Stover - seated behind, seated front right we think are Priscilla (Stover) and Simon Delo.  The others are Aquilla Stover's sisters & daughters of Sophia with the exception of the nurse.  Please let us know if you can positively identify any of the people in this photo (taken prior to 1908).

Ezra Wilson and Grace (Stover) Bryner family about 1939 - Standing left to right: Clyde and Margaret (Bryner) Snow, Eva (Flesher) Bryner, Lawrence Hazlett, Harold A. Bryner, Grace (Stover) Bryner, Homer W. Bryner, Gladys (Benson) Bryner, Lucy (Bryner) Hazlett, Wayne S. Bryner Kneeling: Fred Snow, Howard Hazlett, Grace Bryner; In Chair: Ezra Wilson Bryner; Seated behind: Merrill E. Bryner Seated front row: Donald Snow, Norma Snow, Helen Hazlett, (Grace Bryner is kneeling between), Velva Bryner, Betty Bryner, Mable Hazlett, Paul Hazlett, Edward Hazlett

Harold Aquilla Bryner in 1923

Harold A. Bryner on Rt. 68 bridge in Vanport, PA in 1926.  He was working on this bridge when he met his future wife, Eva.

Harold & Eva (Flesher) Bryner 1920's

Harold & Eva Bryner, Jim Deavers, Lula Flesher 1920's

Grace Bryner  Grace Bryner

Bryner  Velva, Bill, Diana, Dorothy and Eva Bryner

Bill Bryner  Bill Bryner

Harold A. Bryner, Lucy (Bryner) Hazlett, Merrill E. Bryner, L. Evelyn Bryner, Wayne S. Bryner, Homer W. Bryner (about 1974)

Harold and Eva Bryner Family  Harold & Eva (Flesher) Bryner Family

Harold & Eva (Flesher) Bryner - early 1970's

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