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Our Family History


Why research and write a family history?  I have been greatly influenced by my family past and present.  Most of that influence has been positive.  There have been hundreds of people in our family who have left us with a legacy.  A family history is an attempt to capture the character, spiritual life, faith, values, strengths, struggles, battles and triumphs of the people who have made up our family.  I hope this history will help us better understand ourselves, inspire us and encourage us to live life to the fullest.  A strong commitment to and walk with the Lord is very evident in the lives of many of the people who make up our family.  My prayer is that knowing their story will also encourage you in your faith in Christ.  

Hundreds of hours of research have gone into this project.  I have attempted to verify all the facts that are included using as many original sources as possible.  Both my primary and secondary sources are cited in the footnotes.  I do not include information that I consider questionable.  It was not uncommon for soldiers during the Civil War to be on a detached assignment or sick at the time their company participated in a battle.  I have obtained and carefully examined the military records to determine that individuals were actually present at the battles indicated.

This is a work in process, it will take a long time to complete.  I will continue to add histories, biographies, pictures, and interesting stories and I will add to the existing biographies as new information is found.  Please help by contributing anything you may have that could be helpful (copies of records, letters, diaries, your memories, obituaries, newspaper clippings, and pictures).  If you do send me originals, I will return everything to you after making copies. 

I want to thank the many people who have contributed to this project.  Without your help it would not have been possible.

Bob Krepps    

Bartlett History (Includes the following surnames:  Aldridge, Bartlett, Barrett, Canfield, Dyer, Hamby, Hutchinson, Jeffers, Lapham, Marbury, Newton, Rowley, Seald, Tower)       Bartlett Family Tree     Bartlett Family Photos

Bryner History (Includes the following surnames:  Black, Breiner, Bryner, Cook, Delo, Dillow, Holbe, Honen, Keiffer, Kuhns, Mertz, Plattner, Riegel, Shreffler, Springer, Smith, Stover, Werner, Wilds)    Bryner Family Tree     Bryner Family Photos

Davenport History (Includes the following surnames:  Barton, Beatty, Cooley, Davenport, DeGroote, Dodd, Hammond, Oxborrow, Sheridan)    Davenport Family Tree     Davenport Family Photos

Flesher History (Includes the following surnames:  Appel, Beal, Bell, Bibbee, Bond, Bonnett, Bonnette, Bush, Chambers, Cooley, Coburn, Desseux, Doak, Drake, Dungan, Fast, Fleischer, Flesher, Harpold, Hutchinson, Johnson, Lorentz, McKibben, Sams, Sayre, Schmidt, Stephens, Weaver)    Flesher Family Tree     Flesher Steamboats     Steamboats Built at Flesher Boatyard, Murraysville, WV     Steamboats Built at Middleport, Ohio    Flesher Family in River History   Flesher Family Photos

Goodell History (Includes the following surnames: Brown, Butterworth, Fielding, Gadd, Goodell, Ingham, Sherman)    Goodell Family Tree     Solomon W. Ingham:  A Methodist Circuit Rider's Diary     Goodell Family Photos

Krepps History  (Includes the following surnames:  Barto, Burke, Day, Dumbaugh, Dwyer, French, Grim, Hayes, Hill, Hilt, Jenkins, Keck, Kloepler, Krebs, Kreps, Krepps, Landis, Lehman, Long, Markle, McCommas, Napier, Newbig, Robinson, Roe, Sharp, Taylor, Turner, Whipple)    Krepps Family Tree     Krepps Military Service   Krepps Family Photos

Roser History (Includes the following surnames:  Albertson, Bell, Belshaw, Blount, Bowman, Clever, Davis, Goodard, Gregg, Henshaw, Hinshaw, Hoover, Lewis, Marshall, Morgan, Overman, Pike, Richards, Roser, Smith, Towsend, Walcott, Weisner, Wilson)    Roser Family Tree     Roser Family Photos

Index of Names

Note:  I am still researching and writing these histories.  None of them are completed.  There are links to the histories that are partially written to date.  I will update the histories on this site as my research progresses.


Written by Bob Krepps  2001 all rights reserved.  Permission granted to copy for personal & non-commercial purposes only.