Roser Family History Photos

Jennie Roser (Daughter of William H. Roser and sister of Elby Roser)

William F. Albertson family - William is the son of Benjamin Albertson and brother of Lena (Albertson) Roser - Mary Albertson (daughter of Wm.), William (Bill) Alberston, Ruth Albertson, Wilma Albertson (child front), Kenneth Albertson (standing behind), Richard Albertson, May Albertson (Mary May Boots Albertson) (Bill's wife)

Lena Angie (Albertson) Roser - child and adult

Elby and Lena Roser and Family - Ralph, Bill, Edith, Lula, Elby, Margaret, Lena, Mable, Cleola, Stella

Roser Sons-in-law - Don O'Connell, Vaughn Hoover, Floyd Lehman, Vivian Krepps, Fred Tobey

Cleola Roser in 1930

Bill and Lucky Roser in 1945

Floyd and Lula (Roser) Lehman

Fred and Margaret (Roser) Tobey

Vivian and Edith Krepps Vivian and Edith (Roser) Krepps

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