Steamboats Owned or Operated by Flesher’s[1]

Boat/Owner/Capt.      Year and Place Built                Details

Annie L.                     1881, Murraysville, WV            Stern wheel Towboat, wood hull, 115.8 X 20.3 X 3.1

Capt. Newt Flesher

Argand                        1896, Levanna, OH                    Stern wheel, wood hull, 132.6 X 24 X 5

Capt. Newt. Flesher & Gordon C. Green, owners

Belle V. Flesher         1905, Levanna, OH                   Stern wheel, wood hull, 150 X 33 X 6

Capt. I. N. Flesher

Champion No. 2         1882, Mason City, WV             Stern wheel Ferry, 76 X 22.8 X 3.4

B. T. Flesher, Owner

City of Huntington     1900, Middleport, OH               Stern wheel Ferry, 84.3 X 26.8 X 3.6

Capt. Ben Flesher, Owner

City of Huntington      1887                                         Stern wheel Ferry

Capt. Ben Flesher, Owner

D. T. Flesher                1901                                        Stern wheel Towboat, 108.2 X 21.3 X 3.4

Owned by Fleshers of Mt. Vernon

Grace Virginia            1900, Parkersburg, WV             Stern wheel Ferryboat, 99.3 X 28.2 X 3

Capt. B. T. Flesher, owner

G. K. Flesher                1913, Parkersburg, WV            Stern wheel Packet, 135 X 27 X 3.5

Operated out of Evansville, IN as a Passenger boat from 1913 - 1918 with a crew of 10, then ran as a towboat with a home port of New Orleans from 1918 until 1920 or 1921

Emma                           1885, Parkersburg, WV            Stern wheel Packet, 72 X 27 X 3.5

Capt. Millard Flesher, operated out of Middleport, OH

Harry                            1879, Murraysville, WV            Stern wheel Towboat, 81 X 15 X 2.5

Capt. Harry Flesher

H E. Spillman             1882, Jefferson City, IN           127 X 23 X 4.5

Capt. I. N. Flesher

H Webber                    1870, Cincinnati, OH                 Stern wheel Packet, wood hull, 97 X 13 X 2

Americus & Andrew Flesher, Noble, IN

Hazel Rice                  1895, Hamar, OH                      Stern wheel Packet, 125 X 22.6 X 4.3

Flesher Sand & Gravel Co., Mt. Vernon, IN

Helen                          1909, Boonville, MO             

Capt. Ben Flesher, owner

I N Flesher                 1908, Pt. Pleasant, WV               Stern wheel Towboat, 126.8 X 26 X 4.6

Capt. I. N. Flesher, Owner 

Katherine                   1889, Jeffersonville, In                 Stern wheel Ferry

Capt. I. N. Flesher, Owner

Little Lafie                 1892, Manchester, OH                Stern wheel Ferry, 84 X 29.2 X 3

Capt. Ben Flesher, Owner

Little Queen               1896, Middleport, OH                 Stern wheel Packet, 82.2 X 14.3

Capt. Ben Flesher, Owner

Prairie City                1873, Cincinnati, OH                   Stern wheel Packet, wood hull, 122 tons

Capt. H. H. Flesher (brother of A. J. Flesher)

R W Skillinger            1871, Murraysville, WV              Stern wheel Packet, wood hull

Capt. F. M. Flesher (brother of A. J. Flesher)

Scarab                         1906, Pierre, SD                        101 X 31 X 3.7

Flesher Towboat Co., Mt. Vernon, IN

Note:  This is a partial list of Flesher Steamboats that only includes vessels that I have been able to document.  

Note 2:  The dimensions given are the centerline length of the hull, with at the widest part of the hull and depth, all in lineal feet.  The overall length of a stern wheel steamboat is much greater than listed due to the paddlewheel hung at the rear.  The side-wheel boat is much wider than listed due to the guards necessary to enclose and support the wheels.  (Only the hull dimensions are given.)

[1] Sources:  Way’s Packet Directory, Complied by Frederick Way, Jr., Way's Steam Towboat Directory and S & D Reflector Magazine, published by Sons and Daughters of Pioneer Rivermen, various issues.  A search of Waterways Journal for the twenty year period of 1891 - 1910 discovered forty-seven different times Flesher's are mentioned and several articles written by Capt. B. T. Flesher.

Written by Bob Krepps  © 2002 & 2005 all rights reserved.  Permission granted to copy for personal & non-commercial purposes only.  Any additional information on Flesher owned steamboats and their history will be greatly appreciated.  I am also looking for photos of these steamboats and their owners.

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