Flesher Family History Photo Album

William Jackson Flesher & Velva Cooley Flesher with their infant son William - both photos taken in 1902

About 1914

Velva (Cooley) Flesher, Eva Flesher, Lula Flesher, William Jackson Flesher, Elizabeth Flesher, William A. Flesher (Front)

William and Velva Flesher in front of their home - early 1940's

Velva (Cooley) Flesher, George Flesher, William J. Flesher, Nina Flesher, Nellie Flesher - early 1940's

Elmer Hunt and Effie (Cooley) Hunt - sister of Velva (Cooley) Flesher

Fred and Barbara Cooley and daughter Joann Cooley

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