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Christopher Long (1746 – 1829) – Christopher Long was born on May 5, 1746 in Culpepper County, Virginia.  He was the son of Ware and Sarah (Robinson) Long.  He married Sarah Turner, daughter of James and Elsie Turner in 1773.  During the Revolutionary War, Christopher served the entire war in the Virginia Militia in a unit known as the “Culpepper Minute Men”.  Christopher was with George Washington during his campaign through the Jerseys and around Philadelphia.  He was in the battles of Trenton, Princeton, Brandywine and Germantown.  He spent the winter of 1777 – 1778 at Valley Forge.  He carried the colors at the siege of Yorktown.  Later in life he often related (as recorded by his son Joel) that, “he stood thirty steps from General Washington and saw Cornwallis’ sword surrendered.”  Christopher and Sarah had eight children.  He moved his family to family to Henry County, Virginia, where he bought a farm.  Later he moved west to Patrick County, Virginia.  After his son Joel was born he moved to Galia County, Ohio (later divided and renamed Jackson County).  Fourteen years after moving to Ohio, Christopher and Sarah moved to Henry County, Indiana, to the place their sons Joel and Elsiha had located.  Sarah died on September 11, 1822 at the residence of her son Joel.  Christopher died on August 14, 1829 at the residence of his son, Joel.[1]

[1] Genealogy of the Descendants of Ware Long of Culpeper County, Virginia, 1907 by John Turner Long is the source for a major portion of the information on Christopher Long, Joel Long (son of Christopher) was cited as the source of much of the material in this record.


Father*                     Ware Long (b. 1691, d. 1803)

Mother*                    Sarah (--?--)


Birth*                  05 May 1746            Culpeper County, VA.

Daughter:      cir __ ___ 1773            Dicy Long (b. circa 1773, d. 1864); Culpepper County, VA.

Son:                    __ ___ 1773            Rueben Long (b. 1773, d. Sep 1838); Culpepper County, VA.

Marriage*          __ ___ 1773            Sarah Turner (b. 1757, d. 11 Sep 1822)

Son:                   __ ___ 1778            Ellis Long (b. 1778, d. 1863); Culpepper County, VA.

Daughter:          __ ___ 1780            Ellen Ella Long (b. 1780, d. 1860); Culpepper County, VA.

Son:                   __ ___ 1789            Gabriel Long (b. 1789,          ); VA.

Son:                   15 Feb 1790            Benjamin Long (b. 15 Feb 1790, d. 15 Jul 1854); Henry County, Virginia. ; he married Rebecca Jenkins

Son:                   07 May 1794            Elisha Long (b. 07 May 1794, d. 02 Oct 1842); Henry County, VA.

Son:                    06 Mar 1797            Joel Long (b. 06 Mar 1797, d. 10 Sep 1869); Patrick County, VA.

Death*               14 Aug 1829            IN.


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