S. W. Ingham (his autobiographical statement)

I, S. W. Ingham, Sr., was born in Cayuga Co., N. Y. on Feb. 9, 1812.  On my 6th birthday (Feb. 9, 1818) we started to move to Indiana where we arrived in due time at the town of Connersville, Fayette Co.  The state being new and full of Indians the year was 1818.  Two year after that my father died.  I remained in that County until 1830 and for the next ten years I resided variously in Shelby and Marion Counties, Indianapolis being the county seat of Marion County.

In 1836 I married Lydia Ann Gadd of Shelby County who became the mother of five children, two sons and three daughters.  The eldest daughter died at the age of twelve.  The younger son born in 1847, lived to the age of 49 years.  I became a member of the Methodist Church at the age of 19 and two year after my marriage I entered the ministry; and two years later still I came to Iowa, that being the year 1841 and in the following year I became a member of the Rock River Conference of the M. E. Church, and four years later I was on of the organizing members of the First Iowa Conference of the M.E. Church.

My wife died in 1847.  In 1848 I married for my second wife Rebecca Husband, who became the mother of three children, all of whom died in infancy.  I married a third wife in 1854 by the name of Cynthia Taylor who became the mother of four and her eldest daughter died at 12 years of age, and herself survived until the year 1893, she being 60 years old.  All three were a great blessing to me and they died in holy triumph and with all the hope that mortals can have that they are now united.

With regard to my Conference relations:

Just 50 years from the very day of the organization of the First Iowa Conference we held a Jubilee attended by the most of the members of the four conferences now occupying the state of Iowa.  The jubilee was held in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and we had three days of great refreshering.  I was the only representative of the First Iowa Conference.  There was another living member living within 50 miles of Cedar Rapids, but his health and age prevented his being present.

At this writing I am far up in my eighty seventh year.

Note:  Typed as written.  Solomon Winslow Ingham died on Feb. 16, 1901

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