Johann Michael Krebs

Johann Michael Krebs (1677 – 1745) – Johann Michael Krebs was born in 1677.[1]  He was married to Margaretha Barbara[2].  We do not know the exact year He immigrated to Pennsylvania with his family; he came before definite records of ship passenger lists were kept.  They came from northwestern Switzerland (an area which was intermittently German or Swiss territory and German speaking) or from Germany.  Michael Krebs settled in Philadelphia County (now Montgomery County, Pennsylvania) and bought land in 1722.  He was comparatively wealthy, owning 350 acres.  His name appears as taxable in Hanover Township, Philadelphia County, in 1734.  There is a Krebs Family Tavern in 1723 in New Hanover.   In March of 1725 he signed a petition to build a road from “Farmers mill near Schwenksville to George Wanner’s mill on Swamp Creek”.  In 1743, at the April term of the Supreme Court, Michael and his two sons, Heinrich and Simon were naturalized and took the oath of allegiance.  He was a member of the New Hanover Lutheran Church.[3]  Johann Michael Krebs died in Feb. 1745.[4]  Margaretha Barbara died in September of 1751.[5]

[1] New Hanover Church Records record the burial of Michael Krebs on Feb. 21, 1745 at age 67; therefore he was probably born in 1677.

[2] Source of his wife’s name is the will of Johann Michael Krebs, dated Feb. 10, 1744 and written in high German states: To my beloved wife Margaretha Barbara, (if she remains a widow), to live in present dwelling of house during her life, etc…  100 pounds, with interest 6 pounds, to be paid to her yearly during her life.  My daughter Anna Barbara is not to make any claim on the estate having received her share during my lifetime. To my disobedient son, Simon, the sum of 10 pounds.  To my son, Johann Heinrich, all my land and plantation, he to provide for my wife as specified and to pay the children of Simon the sum of 200 pounds in 20 equal yearly payments, to be equally divided between the children as they come of age, the said 200 pounds for the use of all the children and to remain in the care of said Johann Heinrich.  Also these children obligate themselves when they come of age and receive their share of the 200 pounds to maintain their father, Simon, during his life if he should want it in his age.  (Philadelphia County Will Book, Vol. G, page 108)

[3] Much of the information on Michael Krebs and his family come from New Hanover Lutheran Church records.

[4] New Hanover Church Records record the burial of Michael Krebs on Feb. 21, 1745 at age 67.

[5] New Hanover Lutheran Church records record her burial on September 24, 1751 at age 75 years.





Birth*                    __ ___ 1677

Marriage*           __ ___ ____            Margaret Barbara (--?--) (b. circa 1676,          )

Son:                    __ ___ 1709            Simon Krebs (b. 1709,          )

Son:                      18 Jul 1711            Johann Heinrich Krebs (b. 18 Jul 1711, d. 17 Jan 1771)

Daughter:                                              Anna Barbara Krebs

Death*                __ Feb 1745            New Hanover Twp., PA.


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