Joshua Hunter Delo

Joshua was educated in the common  schools and academy of Clarion. He married Susan Richards, daughter of Abraham Richards, of Clarion. He clerked for his father in the prothonotary's office until 1862, when he enlisted under Captain B. J. Reid, in Company F, of the Sixty-third Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers, Colonel Hays commanding.  In the beginning of the battle of Fair Oaks or Seven Pines he was killed while as first sergeant, he was forming the company for action; he was buried on the battle field.

The last letter he wrote to his wife:

12 Miles from Richmond, Henrico Co., V'a.. May 28th, 1862.

Dear Wife:  When I last wrote, we had just returned from a picket, having been relieved by the 87th Regiment New York Volunteers. They in turn were relieved by the 57th Regt. Penna. Volunteers on yesterday morning. By custom they should have been relieved by the 105th Regt. Penna. Volunteers, but were not, for what reason I cannot tell. Nothing worthy of note or interest has occurred since being on picket. I am in the enjoyment of excellent health today, and have been for sometime past for which 1 am thankful to my Heavenly Father.

An order was issued on day before yesterday that all knapsacks and contents were to be sent to the rear, keeping nothing but our woolen blankets, and shelter tents. We are to be encumbered as little as possible in view, 1 suppose, of approaching conflict. I kept my Bible and likenesses of both mother and yourself, all of which I shall carry with me. We had a delightful shower of rain this afternoon which has effectually cooled the scorching rays of Old Sol. livening. -The sun is about setting, the beautiful rays flashing in the heavens, and painting the clouds with a beauty and richness the art of which a painter might court to possess. John is very sick, and has been for several days, hardly being able to walk. He will have to go to the hospital. I hope that his sickness will not be of a very serious character. The health of the company generally is good, that also of the regiment. I do not know when we will leave our present camp. I hope and trust that this war will speedily come to a close, as I am tired of it, yet my love for my fallen and bleeding country is such, that unless I have to be discharged on account of sickness or disability, or death should take me. I will remain and share all its privations, hardships and toils, and while I am fighting for my country, may I also fight the battle of the Cross.

May 29th, 1862, 2 a. m.I am in the enjoyment of very good health, as also that of the company. I had a very delightful conversation with Rev. Dr. Marks on last night. He says he will give me a certificate of membership, and a letter to Rev. Montgomery, today. I want to send it as soon as possible, for if there was any danger of Mr. Montgomery leaving this world, I want him to know it before he leaves, as his prayers and supplications are at last answered. I am very sorry to hear that the usually very quiet place of Clarion was so excited that a riot almost occurred. I hope that that riot will be last that Clarion shall ever behold. As it is time for company drill I must close, and I want my letter mailed in time. My love to father, mother and the boys, also to Pages. My most sincere love to you and the children, kiss them for me. I remain as ever your loving and affectionate husband,

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Joshua H. Delo


Father*                     Daniel Delo (b. 09 Dec 1799, d. 19 Dec 1877)

Mother*                    Christina Laughnor (b. 28 Nov 1807, d. 02 Dec 1877)


Birth*                    15 Oct 1841            Clarion County, PA

Marriage*           11 Sep 1860            Susan C. Richards (b. 24 Jan 1842, d. 25 May 1908)

Son:                      01 Jan 1861           Joshua Stanley C. Delo (b. 01 Jan 1861, d. 04 Mar 1923)

Daughter:            09 May 1862            Mary Hunter Delo (b. 09 May 1862, d. 13 Aug 1838); Clarion County, PA.

Death*                 31 May 1862            Killed at the battle of Fair Oaks during the Civil War.


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