Levi L. Goodell

Levi L. Goodell (1840 – 1923) – Levi Goodell, the son of Samuel and Sarah “Sally” (Brown) Goodell, was born on June 22, 1840, in Ellisville, Fulton County, Illinois.  In the Civil War he served in Company D, 55th Illinois Infantry as a Sergeant.[1]  He was in battles at Shiloh, Chattanooga and Chickamauga and marched with General Sherman to the sea.  He took part in the Grand Review in Washington, DC at the end of the Civil War.  He married Sarah Ann Fielding on December 31, 1865.  Sarah and Levi had six children.  They resided in Prairie City, IL for two years and then moved to Piatt County, IL.  Levi built a one-room house that was added on to throughout the years and farmed 120 acres.  About 1898 they moved to Humboldt County, Iowa.  Levi and Sarah were active Christians.  Sarah writes, “two months after marriage we were both converted in an old log schoolhouse, called Buckeye.  Before we came away there was a Christian Church erected near.  Trustees were Levi Goodell, Elijah White, and Jose Keller.”[2]  “Somewhere in the year 1877 a church was organized S. W. 4 miles.  A great revival followed – a good strong membership – Bethel Church.  And so the children were taken in or most of them baptized and began an open Christian life and very many happy seasons are clustered around it.”[3]  Levi Goodell died on September 26, 1923.

[1] National Archives, Civil War Service Records of Levi Goodell

[2] Goodell Family History, and account written by Sarah Ann Fielding Goodell

[3] Goodell Family History, and account written by Sarah Ann Fielding Goodell, Bethel Church still exists 4 miles southwest of Mansfield, IL in Piatt County.  Levi and Sarah Goodell were charter members.



Father*                     Samuel Goodell (b. 22 Feb 1788, d. 02 Sep 1846)

Mother*                    Sarah "Sally" Brown (b. circa 1801,          )


Birth*                    22 Jun 1840           

Marriage*           31 Dec 1865            Sarah Ann Fielding (b. 22 Sep 1847, d. 30 Aug 1928); Praire City, IL.

Daughter:            24 Mar 1867            Edith May Goodell (b. 24 Mar 1867, d. 18 Oct 1929); Cuba, IL. ; married Jesse E. Phleger

Daughter:            19 Nov 1869            Mary Ivy Goodell (b. 19 Nov 1869, d. 13 Jun 1916); Mansfield, IL. ; married Amzie J. Hayden

Son:                     13 Dec 1871            Edgar Edwin Goodell (b. 13 Dec 1871, d. 22 Jan 1872)

Son:                     16 Mar 1873            Archie Levi Goodell (b. 16 Mar 1873, d. 08 Aug 1970); Mansfield, IL. ; married Mable Christina Nedernure

Son:                      08 Jan 1878            Otis Ray Goodell (b. 08 Jan 1878, d. 14 Oct 1960); Mansfield, IL. ; married Musa Maud Sherman

Daughter              27 Apr 1880            Pearl Fielding Goodell (b. 27 Apr 1880, d.          ); married Clarence Albert Rowe

Death*                 26 Sep 1923             Humboldt County, IA


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