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Vivian Albert Krepps (1898 – 1982) – Vivian Albert Krepps, the son of George and Della (Hayes) Krepps was born on February 16, 1898 in Cranberry Township, Butler County, Pennsylvania.  He served in the United State Marine Corps during World War I.  He enlisted on April 20, 1917.  He went to the Dominican Republic as a part of the Dominican Expeditionary force, 15th Regiment, 2nd Brigade commanded by Colonel J.C. Breckinridge (later General Breckinridge).  Vivian was appointed a Corporal on August 20, 1818, appointed Sergeant on January 9, 1920 and awarded a good conduct medal on June 5, 1920.[1]  He was discharged on December 12, 1920.  After his military service Viv worked with his father, George, as a tool dresser in the oil industry.  They traveled through out Pennsylvania, Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky on oil drilling jobs.  Vivian met his future wife, Edith Roser, on a blind date with Edith’s sister, Lula, and Lula’s future husband, Floyd Lehman, while working in Indiana.  Edith Roser, the daughter of Elby and Lena (Albertson) Roser, a seventeen year old, who just finished her sophomore year of high school, fell in love and eloped with Vivian.  Vivian and Edith were married on August 27, 1923 in New Cumberland, West Virginia.[2]  Vivian A. Krepps died on June 15, 1982.

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[2] Marriage Certificate, Vivian A. Krepps and Edith Roser

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Vivian & Edith Krepps Family  Vivian and Edith Krepps family early 1940's

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